What Happened ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton (2017)


In 2016, the world watched as the United States of America was set to elect its first female President. It was inconceivable that Hillary Rodham Clinton – a lawyer, politician and former Secretary of State – could lose to a narcissistic madman with a penchant for sexual assault… And then she did. As we picked our collective jaws up off of the ground, wiped away tears of disbelief, and prepared for the worst, we wondered “what happened?? HOW did this happen? How did the vast majority of the popular vote count for nothing, in the end?” Clinton was having all the same thoughts and then some. One of the biggest complaints throughout the election was that Clinton kept her opinions to herself. She refused, as often as possible, to pull punches and demand that her opponent be thrown in jail, as he so often did to her. In 2017, HRC dropped the gloves. Written as an anthology of essays, separated by category, Clinton used the writing of this book as a catharsis for understanding the elements at play in the US that led to this ridiculous defeat, and the election of a fool. Ranging from personal memoir, to economic treatise, to domestic and international policy, Clinton lays bear the events that transpired, along with her personal reactions along the way. Far from a blame game, HRC takes ownership of her own missteps and foibles – yes, even addressing “those damn emails”. She explains the electoral system in the US, the role of the media, the interference by foreign governments and the FBI, she explains voter fraud and what it really means for her country. This book is meant for fans of HRC, political junkies, and all of us who followed the 2016 election and have sought to understand “what happened”.

(494 pgs)

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