Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Truman Capote (1958)


Long before Audrey Hepburn made Holly Golightly a household name, Truman Capote wrote a short story about Miss Holliday Golightly, Travelling. Discussing homosexuality, independence, gender, love, anxiety, depression, and belonging, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a subversive book. The heroine was endearing and unnerving- a runaway child bride – turned prostitute, living off of “tips” and suffering severe bouts of anxiety, indicating to the narrator, whom she calls Fred, after her beloved brother, that Holly had an awful upbringing. Holly Golightly is an admitted liar and shoplifter, she manipulates her neighbours and friends, and is yet too naive to understand that her trips to visit Sammy Tomato, a gangster in Sing Sing, could get her into trouble. Flitting into and out of people’s lives, Holly Golightly does not belong anywhere, nor does she wish to belong anywhere. She is a character ahead of her time, and in today’s society, she would not need to be a prostitute, just a free spirited woman who is finding herself in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Holly Golightly Capote created, as I have always adored Hepburn’s version, but knew that Capote despised it. A very short read, the book contains two other, shorter stories as well. (157 pages)

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