Quotable Nellie McClung – 1938

“I envy people who only see one side of any question. It saves so much mental wear and tear…” – Nellie McClung (April 23, 1938)

Way back when, Canadian suffragist, writer and activist Nellie McClung wrote in a world on the edge of the Second World War. Her facetious opening line indicates the woman’s thoughts on a population that could not be bothered to think critically. Amazingly, we seem to have slipped back down to the mentality McClung was referring to. The belief that one’s opinion is the only opinion and is thereby fact sees a world filled with ignorance and run by fools. That seems harsh, perhaps, but when we see the decisions being made by those in power the world over, it is difficult to come to a different conclusion. McClung worked to get Canadian women the vote by shining a light on the political nonsense that others did not see and still others did not see fit to change.

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