How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran (2011)


I am so tempted to add five or six more hearts to my measuring scale just for Caitlyn Moran. If every man, woman and child read this book immediately, the understanding of the word “feminist” would no longer be up for debate. Her book is so funny, her take on life and activism so assertive that there is no question how she lives or what she believes. The best way to get one’s point across is through humour, and Moran’s pages fairly drip with perfectly pitched sarcasm. An example “When did feminism become confused with Buddhism? Why on earth have I, because I’m a woman, got to be nice to everyone?” Moran’s book is equal measure memoir and feminist manifesto. I honestly did not want this book to end, adoring her tales ranging from the comfort of combat boots, to abortion, politics, journalism and motherhood. Moran is amazing. Read this is book. Go. Now. (312 pages)

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