If Only – Geri Halliwell (1999)


Geri Halliwell’s memoir If Only was written shortly after her sudden departure from the Spice Girls, when they were at the top of the world. Halliwell writes of what led her to that decision, her relationships with her band members, and her reactions to the blow back of her decision. Also covered is Halliwell’s upbringing, her relationship to her parents, and how she ended up in the first world wide phenomenon known as a “girl band”. The book is a fun, gossipy read, however, the profundity of her realization that fame did not hold the answers to her problems is a little marred by the 18 years following this book wherein the Spice Girls have reunited, and disbanded, and reunited, etc., and Halliwell has managed to remain in the media and the spotlight. I would, however, recommend this book to fans of the Spice Girls, who still have a tinge of curiosity about this period in their history. 385 pages including pictures. 

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