“Internalizing a story does not make it true.” ~ Kameron Hurley – The Geek Feminist Revolution 2016

I feel that this is an extremely valid point. If there is anything I have learned from becoming more public all you vocal about my opinions it’s that the most common argument for why something I feel is wrong is in fact correct, it’s that it’s always been that way, or “everybody” thinks this way, so it must be right. 
I disagree. If “everybody” was really “everybody”, wouldn’t I think that way too? And if the argument is that it’s the way it has always been and everybody does it, we would still have slaves, the Japanese-Canadians would still be interred at the PNE, the world would not have @georgehtakei, I would not have permission to write this post, unless my husband concurred… 

I cannot agree strongly enough with @kameronhurley – internalizing a story does not make it true. A story is always just that – a story.

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