Lab Girl – Hope Jahren (2016)


First off – I listened to Lab Girl by Hope Jahren as an audiobook read by the author, and I can think of nothing more heart wrenching than hearing the author cry as she recounts difficult moments in her life. I feel like my experience listening to Lab Girl is richer than it would have been had I read it with no real knowledge of Jahren’s emotional meter. 

Lab Girl is poignant memoir, and an inspirational story for girls entering STEM fields; it is a love story to Jahren’s work and to her best friend Bill. Jahren is a scientist – geochemist, geobiologist and professor; she is a friend, a mother, a wife, a daughter; she has bipolar disorder; she feels that she has always been in between, an Other. Her memoir is engaging, peaceful, and engrossing. She has an amazing self awareness, and the same neurotic tics that many of us have. It is hard not to fall in love with Jahren and her lab partner Bill, and as far as memoirs go, I feel that many people would enjoy her story. She is curious and insightful, quiet and excited. She is the type of person that most of us know or that most of us are. 290 pages

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