Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg (2013)


Sheryl Sandberg’s # 1 bestselling business book for women sparked controversy when it was published, with some readers finding her take on getting ahead in life and especially in business as offensive and short sided, and other women praising her for insight. As COO at Facebook, and formerly of Google, Sandberg has drawn on both her own experiences and research by others to create Lean In. The principle idea Sandberg expounds is that women who want to succeed in business must, effectively, ‘lean in’ at the boardroom, do not wait for someone to notice them, do not wait to be invited, but to advocate for oneself. She argues that sexism in the workplace can be largely overcome by efforts from women to no longer defer to men at the table, for women to take credit for their work, and to be willing to put themselves into the arena, no matter how “unladylike” one may have been raised to believe that female assertiveness to be. An inspiration to women, readers may find Sandberg’s tone a bit domineering, to it would be important to ask oneself if that would be how it had been read should the author’s gender be male. A fairly lengthy book at 387pages, I would recommend this book to young women entering the workforce and looking for a way to advance their careers from the word go. 

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