Lily and The Octopus- Steven Rowley (2016) 


Lily and The Octopus is a heart rending allegory about a single man and his beloved dachshund Lily. Written in the magic realism style, realistic events and situations are intersected by the fantastic. In the case of Ted, he talks to Lily and believes her to speak to him; they play monopoly and talk about boys they like; and then one day, an angry, ugly Octopus shows up on Lily’s head. Descending down the rabbit hole of this book will break the heart of the reader. I must warn that as with all magical stories, it is necessary to suspend disbelief in order to fully become engrossed in the events that unfold, but that once one suspends disbelief, the story is gripping. It has taken me several days to work through my feelings about this book in order to write any sort of review. Dealing with loneliness, love, pet parenting, octopuses, grief, illness, family and friendship, Lily and The Octopus is quite simply my favourite book that I have read this year. Please grab a box of tissue and read it. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. 320 pages
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