Writing to the kitchen timer

My laptop and I have been fast friends for the last few months. I had neglected her a while, but since this writing wish has turned into a writing goal, the big, cumbersome, slow old gal and I are on good terms. I appreciate that she ain’t what she used to be, but I know exactly where all the keys are. (Not all keyboards are created equal.) She is slow, but when the screen lights up, and I click on my Word icon, I feel happy. I feel pride  and I feel like this is what I absolutely want to be doing. The words don’t always flow and I have not mastered the art of silencing my inner editor, but sitting on my reading chair, blanket across my lap, ear buds playing variations of classical music on SoundCloud, with my cat at my side, my kitchen timer under him (seriously… he will not not lay on it), I feel like I am working on something for me, and I am happy.  Maybe it will become a real, honest to goodness, published piece of literature, or maybe it will simply be 90,000 words of my soul typed into a very old laptop, making my heart happy. Either way, my laptop and I will keep up our sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding friendship. 



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