Having been a book lover and reader all my life, I had a fantasy of one day writing my own book. The idea of completing an original idea, setting it to paper, and, ambitiously, seeing it printed in hard copy with my name emblazoned on the front cover has always been a secret wish of mine. But lack of confidence, fear of failure and the constraints that are Life stepped in my way, and kept me from allowing this to be anything more than a wish. Then, suddenly, as if my some chance rather than by design, I decided to write. And write. And write. The more I read of other writers works, the more I felt inspired to write. I began with the hope that I would complete a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel, but it became clear that I could not produce the book of my wish, the book I would be proud of, nor the book that would allow me to neither neglect my children,  nor my day job, in one month. So I began to plan. I could see the characters that I wanted to create, and I knew the world they would populate, but I needed to create their story. Now, three months into the writing process, I have completed more than 20% of my first draft (with a 90,000 word goal), and hope to have the first draft completed by Fall. 

Please bear with me as I make sidebar use of my blog to discuss the trials and tribulations of sticking with it, and turning a wish into a goal, and hopefully, one day, a realization. 

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