I’ll Take You There – Wally Lamb (2016)


I fell in love with Wally Lamb while reading She’s Come Undone, very much like the majority of people I know. I have voraciously read everything of his that I could get my hands on and was very excited about his new book. I’ll Take You There is very different from anything else I have read by Lamb, other than in the fact that it is a family saga. But it is ALSO a feminist treatise, a history of women’s rights, a paranormal story, the exploration of life and loss, and remarkably funny. The story is first person, told by Felix Funicello (Annette’s cousin), as though he is talking to the reader, sometimes even interrupted by his cellphone. Lamb makes use of flashbacks, albeit in the most unusual way, through the aid of Dickensian ghosts (three visits, to be precise). Lamb strips bare the feminist struggle (albeit the white feminist and LGBTQ struggle, not focussing on racial prejudice), through the aid of a pioneering female director. The reader feels strongly that Lamb is a He For She feminist, and it is appreciated. At 356 pages, it is short by Lamb standards, but still a substantial read. That said, as with all Lamb books, I devoured it in a day. 

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