HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton – Amie Parnes & Jonathan Allen (2014)


 HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) is Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen’s extensive research of Clinton’s rise to power Secretary of State and ultimately to the beginning of her second run at the presidency. Discussing her personal strengths, HRC is clearly aimed at Clinton’s fans. While there is more balanced reporting with regard to her personality, she is often compared to Obama, her rival for the candidacy in the 2008 Democratic primaries, in such a way that casts Obama into a negative light. The authors clearly did their research and spoke to innumerable unnamed sources, about private communiques, and personal conversations. Reading this, following the loss of her 2016 loss to the Republican nominee, it is especially hard to read the final chapters, as even at the time of writing, the authors and those around her felt she was the forerunner to become POTUS. There is information about the Benghazi incident and investigation, the attacks by the far-right, her approval ratings over the last 10 years. For those curious about the former Secretary of State, I recommend this book. For those who are not Democrats, or fans of Clinton, 448 pages is quite the feat to wade through. HRC is also a wonderful book for women looking to learn more about the woman who shattered many glass ceilings in the last 20 years. #hrc #statesecretsandtherebirthofhillaryclinton #amieparnes #jonanathanallen #hillaryclinton #history #historymaker #benghazi #secretaryofstate #feminism #glassceiling #biography #politicalhistory #bibliophile #readinglife #reading #bookstagram #book #books #bookclub #bookstagrammer #bookclubofinstagram #readinglist #kalidesautelsreads

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