Emma – Jane Austen (1901)


Emma – Jane Austen (1901) ❤️❤️❤️💔 Emma is Jane Austen’s comedic look at 19th Century social mores. The irrepressible young Miss Emma Woodhouse is the social queen of her community, interfering in the lives of friends and neighbours, without the slightest thought that she oughtn’t. Her opinions are not based on facts or knowledge, but rather her own flitish whimsy. Doted upon by her father, Emma does precisely what she likes, when she likes. She “adopts” Jane Fairfax in the interest of matching her to a man who has no interest in her, and Jane, herself, is in love with a man Emma believes to be below her. Emma readily intervenes, though her opinion is unwanted and unwarranted. Mr. Knightley is the one person who has no qualms about telling the fanciful Miss Woodhouse where she is wrong and why. If this sounds particularly like Clueless to the GEN Next-ers, that is because Clueless was loosely based on Emma, with ditzy, but well intentioned Cher standing in for Emma. A must read, for readers who enjoy social commentary, and the incredible Austen’s particular brand comedy. 495 pages. 

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