She’s Come Undone – Wally Lamb (1992)


She’s Come Undone is Wally Lamb’s bestselling book about Delores Price, a depressed, overweight teen, living in her mother’s rooming house/apartment building. Life is difficult for Delores, and depression and anxiety run as a theme throughout. Readers will be drawn to Delores, while at equal measures surprised and occasionally repulsed by her life. The people who come into her life have significant impact on her mental health, some of them extremely detrimentally. While technically a coming of age novel, there is an argument for the thought that Delores does not come of age, but merely exists through the years of her story. Lamb’s use of imagery and deep understanding of the phases of mental decline are masterful. One of the original books from Oprah’s Book Club, She’s Come Undone is, in my opinion, a modern American Fiction classic. The book is long, at 465 pages, and will definitely be disturbing to some readers, but it is through its disturbing essence that we come to understand the pain and illness that has been stigmatized for too long. #shescomeundone #wallylamb #1992 

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