The Devil in The White City: Murder, Magic and the Madness at The Fair That Changed America – Erik Larson (2003)


The Devil In The White City is one of the strangest books I have ever read in terms of categories- it is a true crime novel about HH Holmes, one of the 1st serial killers in America, it is a historical story about the World’s Fair, it is the history of the Ferris Wheel, it is a story of several people living in Chicago at the time. It is so strange to think that construction of the World’s Fair and Holmes’ “Murder Palace” could be told in simultaneous stories, even though they happened at the same time. Larson presents a theory that Holmes’ success as a murderer is only BECAUSE of the World’s Fair and the chaos surrounding it. It is definitely a fascinating story, and those in search of the fantastical, the historical and the grisly will find what they are hoping for here. It is a worldwide bestseller, and Larson is famous for his ability to novelize true events. At 447 pages, it is a significant read, and readers may be left feeling that not all the questions raised in the book are successfully answered, but that’s the way of true stories in most cases. We do not get to choose the endings.
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