#TBT – #BellLetsTalk2021

Before KaliDesautelsSpeaks, before KaliDesautelsReads, there was Kalijd. There was a lot of life in the before. I tend to talk a lot about this season in my life as something I had to get passed to get here, and yes - I had anxiety and depression and an eating disorder and an unhealthy obsession with … Continue reading #TBT – #BellLetsTalk2021


It’s a Christmas miracle

On the first day of Christmas break, we had a miracle - magical Christmas snow! The tree in our front yard is suddenly a winter bower, the air is filled with sparkles and fog and happiness! We rarely get snow here, let alone in time for Christmas. This snow brought along a night long power … Continue reading It’s a Christmas miracle

My Little Man

Like mother like son. My small man took on lunch making duties today, and decided on a frozen thin crust mushroom pizza. He set his timer, and settled on the floor in the kitchen to wait. If you know me, you know that this is my favourite place to sit when I need a minute … Continue reading My Little Man

Happy 64th Birthday, Dad

Happy birthday, Dad Thank you for believing that I had more talent or skill than I ever did. Thank you for teaching me that hard work is hard work, but worth doing. Thank you for teaching me to be proud of my Métis heritage. Thank you for waking me up in the middle of the … Continue reading Happy 64th Birthday, Dad

How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

The weather is warm! The parks are opening up a bit for safe, social distance camping! Why not make like this disembodied hand and download my new book How Not To Blog? You and your kindle overheating in the tent, my book to keep you entertained… sounds pretty idyllic! Or you could just download the … Continue reading How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

That night we hunted for comets…

Parenting can be hard. This week we have had some amazing moments, and some definitely-not-amazing moments. We’ve hit major milestones, and the “depths of despair” (to quote Anne Shirley). We have laughed hard, and cried, too.Basically, this week has been life. Last night, a friend told us about NEOWISE, a comet that was passing near … Continue reading That night we hunted for comets…

iPhone Made Me Slideshow… it’s weird…

https://videopress.com/v/EgWIrOcb?preloadContent=metadata Is it weird that my phone spontaneously created a video about my cat all by itself?? #cats #cat #blackcats #catsofinstagram #iphone #weird #technology #fourleggedfriends #myraggedyman #myboy #disneycats #disney #catstagram #handsomeboy #furbaby #kalidesautelsreads

Reblog – Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Hello happy would-be travellers, I’d like to introduce Kali. She and I were talking about this amazing small town in Canada. This town is full of …Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada