It’s My Birthday

Today started with a my favouritest cupcakes in the world, a Stanley/Pretzel Day Birthday card, and a brand new Smash + Tess romper from Danielle on my porch before I even woke up. It just kept getting better and better as kind words and thoughtful posts and birthday/birthday-ish phone calls were made. My brother found … Continue reading It’s My Birthday


Our weekend looks like this

What do you get when you take a raggedy old man and a little old lady and put them together for the weekend? A lot of this lol Miss Charlie came to visit for the weekend and, save for a couple of hisses, low growls, food stealing, and some “bathroom” mishaps, we have had a … Continue reading Our weekend looks like this

Hiding in the tent

We’re hiding from the wasps. She is not as interested in laying in her bed, but she is very happy to lay in mine!! And honestly? Who could say no to that smiley face??? I am more than happy to sit on the floor and let her have the bed. ❤️ #camping #campingdog #charlie #beagle … Continue reading Hiding in the tent