Thank you, Canada for Socialized health care

Thinking of the health care workers, public health workers, grocery workers, and teachers who are leaving their families at home, and walking into the second wave of the pandemic. Thank you for everything that you are doing. Thank you for keeping the world moving forward. Thank you for keeping us safe. I want to also … Continue reading Thank you, Canada for Socialized health care

Saturdays at Home

Saturdays are for TARDIS onesies, Supernatural, coffee, Christmas trees, candles and cuddling with my kids. I do not take my privilege in this crazy time lightly -• I get to work from home• I can keep my kids home• I can afford to order my groceries and have them put directly into my trunk without … Continue reading Saturdays at Home

Transgender Day of Remembrance

You are remembered. You are valued. You are loved. Today is for you. Today is for remembering the light that you shone. Today is for meaningful and systemic change in your name. Today is pushing back on the hate and violence that led you here. Today is for shining a light on your beautiful souls. … Continue reading Transgender Day of Remembrance

It’s not perfect

Life isn’t perfect. Especially right now. COVID numbers are going up in my province. There was an exposure at my kids’ school that by the time I found out about it, it was too late to quarantine them. I spent more money in October than I should have, so in November I am feeling the … Continue reading It’s not perfect


Posted @withregram • @shaunking An armed white supremacist with an AR-15 shot and KILLED two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night - and police literally did NOTHING. In fact, I've seen videos of them giving water to these armed white men, thanking them for their support.

If you’re not careful…

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ~ Malcolm X This is accurate for all forms of media. Think critically.Value human rights.Live your values. #malcolmx #malcolmxquotes #elhajjmalikelshabazz #humanrights #blacklivesmatter #blm #oppression #endwhitesupremacy #endracism #endracismnow #2020 #change #equality … Continue reading If you’re not careful…

How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

The weather is warm! The parks are opening up a bit for safe, social distance camping! Why not make like this disembodied hand and download my new book How Not To Blog? You and your kindle overheating in the tent, my book to keep you entertained… sounds pretty idyllic! Or you could just download the … Continue reading How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

Nonviolence365 Training

• @thekingcenter ‪Register NOW! Our August #Nonviolence365 Virtual Experience starts TODAY, 6pm EST, with ‘#Nonviolence in Action,’ co-facilitated by King Center CEO @berniceaking. REGISTER for the 1st session or for the entire series and apply for #scholarships via the link in our bio/profile. Find Tickets Here I am beyond grateful that my scholarship application was … Continue reading Nonviolence365 Training

Help Shaun King Get To Be The #1 Book in North America Today

@shaunking It’s HERE! ⁣⁣So excited that you all are now getting it in the mail and able to pick it up at bookstores EVERYWHERE!⁣⁣Can’t wait for you to not only learn my story, but understand how we got where we are as a country right now and what we have to do make change TOGETHER!⁣⁣Click … Continue reading Help Shaun King Get To Be The #1 Book in North America Today

#DoTheWork Challenge Day 6

DoTheWork Challenge Day 6 - continuing Rachel Cargle’s course on unlearning racism. “How can we adequately love, support and uplift those we do not understand. Allyship begins with empathy. The racism in this country thrives off of "otherness". It persists with the understanding that when marginalized groups are seen as 'someone else' or 'someone different' … Continue reading #DoTheWork Challenge Day 6