It’s My Birthday

Today started with a my favouritest cupcakes in the world, a Stanley/Pretzel Day Birthday card, and a brand new Smash + Tess romper from Danielle on my porch before I even woke up. It just kept getting better and better as kind words and thoughtful posts and birthday/birthday-ish phone calls were made. My brother found … Continue reading It’s My Birthday


Happy 64th Birthday, Dad

Happy birthday, Dad Thank you for believing that I had more talent or skill than I ever did. Thank you for teaching me that hard work is hard work, but worth doing. Thank you for teaching me to be proud of my Métis heritage. Thank you for waking me up in the middle of the … Continue reading Happy 64th Birthday, Dad

Happy 14th Birthday, Sweetie! Happy birthday, sweet girl! 14 years old feels crazy to me! You are a beautiful, kind, clever, funny, and amazing young woman, and make the world better by being in it. I am always interested in your thoughts and cool ideas, especially when you have the patience to explain to me what is on … Continue reading Happy 14th Birthday, Sweetie!