DoTheWork Challenge Day 5 – Examining Privilege

In today’s session of Rachel Cargle’s Do The Work 30 Day Challenge, we examined our privilege and how we no winglet and unknowingly perpetuate the racist society that benefits whiteness. In particular, coincidentally aligning with yesterday’s post about white feminism, we are asked to make not of intersectionality and how white feminism is a further … Continue reading DoTheWork Challenge Day 5 – Examining Privilege

Is it even possible?

I released my first book this month. I was a contributing author in a book that is now a #1 bestseller on Amazon. I completed a long-running task at work. My blog was nominated for an award. Traffic has more than doubled to the site. My kids are home. My husband is working again and … Continue reading Is it even possible?

Happy 14th Birthday, Sweetie! Happy birthday, sweet girl! 14 years old feels crazy to me! You are a beautiful, kind, clever, funny, and amazing young woman, and make the world better by being in it. I am always interested in your thoughts and cool ideas, especially when you have the patience to explain to me what is on … Continue reading Happy 14th Birthday, Sweetie!

Father’s Day 2020

Happy Father’s Day, Babe. Things have been crazy and hard and weird over the past few years, but you have demonstrated bravery and resilience and have learned to take a minute to hug the kids and laugh with them. You’ve shown them that it’s ok to be scared and sometimes daddies cry, but you have … Continue reading Father’s Day 2020

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I used to try so hard to be perfect because I thought that was what would make you proud. It turns out, all along, that you just wanted me to be perfectly myself. Even if you thought corduroy was the worst fabric, and science was more interesting that diagramming sentences. You … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day, Dad!