Christmas Eve 2020

Christmas 2020 It’s taken me five days to figure out how to post this magical day. For 37 years, my family has gathered to celebrate Christmas Eve - we have our family dinner, gather together, open our gifts and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas Eve has always been at my parents’ house without exception. Until … Continue reading Christmas Eve 2020


My Raggedy Old Man Is Getting Older

You move slowly now, and jumping is harder. You aren’t that interested in knocking Christmas ornaments off the tree anymore, and you are picky about what you will eat. You are vocal about what you want and are patient and loving to your kids. You notice when our schedule shifts and we aren’t where you … Continue reading My Raggedy Old Man Is Getting Older

Saturdays at Home

Saturdays are for TARDIS onesies, Supernatural, coffee, Christmas trees, candles and cuddling with my kids. I do not take my privilege in this crazy time lightly -• I get to work from home• I can keep my kids home• I can afford to order my groceries and have them put directly into my trunk without … Continue reading Saturdays at Home

Our weekend looks like this

What do you get when you take a raggedy old man and a little old lady and put them together for the weekend? A lot of this lol Miss Charlie came to visit for the weekend and, save for a couple of hisses, low growls, food stealing, and some “bathroom” mishaps, we have had a … Continue reading Our weekend looks like this

I is hiding

“I think I am in trouble for having accidents all over the house early this morning. I want to sit with Mama because she makes me feel better, but I also want to hide in case she is mad at me. I know! I’ll hide behind the back of her desk chair! Then I am … Continue reading I is hiding

iPhone Made Me Slideshow… it’s weird… Is it weird that my phone spontaneously created a video about my cat all by itself?? #cats #cat #blackcats #catsofinstagram #iphone #weird #technology #fourleggedfriends #myraggedyman #myboy #disneycats #disney #catstagram #handsomeboy #furbaby #kalidesautelsreads

Thanks, Timon

I used to have babies and toddlers that needed me and were always at my feet. Now they are kids with lives and activities of their own, which has made more room for this guy. He is now the sole proprietor of the Trip Kali Factory. If he can’t trip me, he likes to make … Continue reading Thanks, Timon