My Raggedy Old Man Is Getting Older

You move slowly now, and jumping is harder. You aren’t that interested in knocking Christmas ornaments off the tree anymore, and you are picky about what you will eat. You are vocal about what you want and are patient and loving to your kids. You notice when our schedule shifts and we aren’t where you … Continue reading My Raggedy Old Man Is Getting Older

Saturdays at Home

Saturdays are for TARDIS onesies, Supernatural, coffee, Christmas trees, candles and cuddling with my kids. I do not take my privilege in this crazy time lightly -• I get to work from home• I can keep my kids home• I can afford to order my groceries and have them put directly into my trunk without … Continue reading Saturdays at Home

Rest In Power, Chadwick Boseman

(Instagram: Chadwick Boseman) Hey everyone. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, and have had some time to rest before the end of summer. I haven’t posted much lately, because my coping skills have been poor. I shrink into myself when I can’t cope. I have made mistakes, dealt with some minor and … Continue reading Rest In Power, Chadwick Boseman

I is hiding

“I think I am in trouble for having accidents all over the house early this morning. I want to sit with Mama because she makes me feel better, but I also want to hide in case she is mad at me. I know! I’ll hide behind the back of her desk chair! Then I am … Continue reading I is hiding

Back In Self-Isolation

Back in self-isolation tools: 1) Hamilton on Disney+ 2) Anti-Racist reading (with a shameless plug for Indigenous Peoples for BlackLivesMatter) 3) A sparkly bin of Shopkins that my girl thought I would enjoy 4) Fresh air and my plants 5) the complete lack of desire to tidy up #hamilton #hamiltonmusical #hamilfilm #indigenouscanada #indigenouspeoples #policingblacklives #peaceandgoodorder … Continue reading Back In Self-Isolation

Thank You, Lin-Manuel Miranda And Disney, For #HamilFilm

My girl has been singing the lyrics to Hamilton for years, though she has never seen the show. We have been listening and singing along to the soundtrack on every car ride over 15 minutes long, and so when it was announced that, firstly there would be a film in the theatres in October, and … Continue reading Thank You, Lin-Manuel Miranda And Disney, For #HamilFilm