I is hiding

“I think I am in trouble for having accidents all over the house early this morning. I want to sit with Mama because she makes me feel better, but I also want to hide in case she is mad at me. I know! I’ll hide behind the back of her desk chair! Then I am … Continue reading I is hiding


How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

The weather is warm! The parks are opening up a bit for safe, social distance camping! Why not make like this disembodied hand and download my new book How Not To Blog? You and your kindle overheating in the tent, my book to keep you entertained… sounds pretty idyllic! Or you could just download the … Continue reading How Not To Blog goes camping!!!

Summer Reading

In case you haven't seen it yet - I published my first book!!! It is perfect for camping in your living room, sitting on the beach that you have created in your backyard, or laying in front of your air conditioner. In other words, a great read for Summer 2020! It's an easy read, and … Continue reading Summer Reading

Timon the Cheery Cat

Timon helps with laundry and cheers up best friends. He is very useful. He just has RBF in pictures. LoL #blackcat #myboy #myraggedyman #raggedyoldman #furbaby #myboy #ragamuffin #disneycats #ragamuffincat #catsofinstagram #meow #kittycat #laundryroom #furball #fluffy #furrybaby #longhair #kalidesautlesreads

DoTheWork Challenge Day 5 – Examining Privilege

In today’s session of Rachel Cargle’s Do The Work 30 Day Challenge, we examined our privilege and how we no winglet and unknowingly perpetuate the racist society that benefits whiteness. In particular, coincidentally aligning with yesterday’s post about white feminism, we are asked to make not of intersectionality and how white feminism is a further … Continue reading DoTheWork Challenge Day 5 – Examining Privilege

iPhone Made Me Slideshow… it’s weird…

https://videopress.com/v/EgWIrOcb?preloadContent=metadata Is it weird that my phone spontaneously created a video about my cat all by itself?? #cats #cat #blackcats #catsofinstagram #iphone #weird #technology #fourleggedfriends #myraggedyman #myboy #disneycats #disney #catstagram #handsomeboy #furbaby #kalidesautelsreads

Is it even possible?

I released my first book this month. I was a contributing author in a book that is now a #1 bestseller on Amazon. I completed a long-running task at work. My blog was nominated for an award. Traffic has more than doubled to the site. My kids are home. My husband is working again and … Continue reading Is it even possible?

Still Pinching Myself!

I can’t stop pinching myself! I cannot believe that there is a real book with my real name that is really for sale!!!! I am so grateful to everyone who has checked out the book, and everyone who has bought the book, or shared the book, or reviewed the book!! It means sooooo much to … Continue reading Still Pinching Myself!

Thanks, Timon

I used to have babies and toddlers that needed me and were always at my feet. Now they are kids with lives and activities of their own, which has made more room for this guy. He is now the sole proprietor of the Trip Kali Factory. If he can’t trip me, he likes to make … Continue reading Thanks, Timon