Happy birthday, Danielle ❤️

Happy birthday, Danielle!

How can I possibly put into words how much you mean to me?

I am a writer and as such I can without a doubt say there there are not emphatic enough words to describe the amazing friend, auntie, sister, mother, person that you are. You light up the room with your smile, you touch people with your kindness and generosity, you show up when things are hard, you celebrate the big and the little things. Your grace under pressure is unmatched, your humour and ability to have fun make things even more fun for those around you.

I love you for your laugh, I love you for being willing to have hard conversations, I love you for your ability to make any situation more enjoyable, I love watching you as a mom, I love how you are with my kids, I love how fiercely you love, and last but not least, I love having you as my forever Blockbuster partner.

Thank you for being a light in my life and in the lives of all of us who are lucky enough to love you and to be loved by you. I hope that, regardless of your baby teething, you have a wonderful birthday. I hope that we are able to show you how loved and special you are.

I love you more than any words can say.

#happybirthday #hbday #yvr #love #youarethebest #sisterlove💕#sil #sistersinlaw #proudtoknowyou #gratefulforyou #gratefulheart❤️

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