Honouring Our Heroes – RIP Const. Heidi Stevenson

It’s Monday, and this past weekend was very sad one in Canada, as a wanton mass murderer took to the streets in Nova Scotia, killing Constable Heidi Stevenson, and at least 17 others, before his own death. This message is not about him. This message is about the people he killed, and the lives taken. … Continue reading Honouring Our Heroes – RIP Const. Heidi Stevenson

Sunday Morning ~ No Doubt

“Sappy pathetic little meThat was the girl I used to beYou had me on my kneesI'd trade you places any dayI'd never thought you could be that wayBut you looked like me on SundayYou came in with the breezeOn Sunday morningYou sure have changed since yesterdayWithout any warningI thought I knew youI thought I knew … Continue reading Sunday Morning ~ No Doubt

My Whole World

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Day I-Gave-Up and Rachel Hollis Was Still There For Me

2 years ago I met and fell in love with Girl, Wash Your Face. Like in LOVE love. I don’t think there is a single person that I know that I didn’t either lend this book, give this book, or recommend this book to. I adore it. I can relate to it, and it sets … Continue reading Day I-Gave-Up and Rachel Hollis Was Still There For Me

Meet Mojo.

This is Mojo. Mojo is magic. When I learned that there was an opportunity to transition from a maternity leave contract to a freaking PERMANENT position on my team, I have done everything in my power to make myself the ideal candidate for the job. I have been wanting a plant for my bedroom, but … Continue reading Meet Mojo.

7PM Cheer – Gratitude

https://videopress.com/v/VZ9c1W7F?preloadContent=metadata The Gratitude Hour - Little Man got to do the car alarm tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our global neighbours. If you are on the frontline, thank you; if you are an essential worker, thank you; if you are staying home and keeping the curve on the flattening trend, thank you; … Continue reading 7PM Cheer – Gratitude

Day 8264949 – Building Resiliency

Today my work offered a course on resiliency during the pandemic, and it reminded us that some of the best ways to remain resilient were to: 1) move your body; 2) get fresh air; 3) learn new things; 4) be kind to ourselves. So after my meetings were done, and my tasks were completed, I … Continue reading Day 8264949 – Building Resiliency

Timon and the Quarantine

For 12 years this Raggedy Man as been my fur baby. For most of that time he has sat with me, avoiding touching me as he possibly could. He kept me company, tripped me as I cooked, and was always near my feet. But now? Now he is all over me all of the time. … Continue reading Timon and the Quarantine

Happy Easter – Quarantine Style

Hoppy Easter!!! These little bunnies woke up to a wonderful surprise! The quarantine kept the Easter Bunny from coming into the house this year (hard to self isolate, while bouncing through everyone’s houses), but it didn’t stop him/her from visiting our yard! It really does take a village to raise kids, especially through a pandemic … Continue reading Happy Easter – Quarantine Style

Quarantine Month 2 – Rebooting

This week was hard. Not because I couldn’t leave my house but because I had too many things happening in one week. My anxiety level reached an all time high. I haven’t felt that anxious in at least a year. Not since I was waiting for my husband’s official cancer diagnosis. I was working on … Continue reading Quarantine Month 2 – Rebooting