Happy Birthday, Danielle ❤️

Every year, at least once (usually at least 3 or 4 times) I post a gushy, I love you post about this woman. January 2nd is always… but this year, she has crossed the international date line, and while it is Jan 1st in Vancouver, it is Jan 2nd in India, so this is not early. It’s just on Danielle’s time, and I have worked really hard to not be late over the last 2 years.

Happy birthday, Danielle. I am trying to write something eloquent that tells you how much I love you and am grateful for you, but for the first time in a decade and a half of friendship, there aren’t enough words. I am tearing up thinking of all the times you helped bring me back to the surface and to life this past year. Coming to rescue me when I was let go from work; bringing cake when I hit a 2.5 year goal on KDR; bringing to only toques that felt comfortable enough for Dave to wear through his cancer treatments; celebrating the little wins of the year; sitting with me in the maddening of the year. Following a year of saying good bye to Hera, celebrating a decade of marriage to my brother (and by extension my family), wine tours, spa days, yoga, Everest climbs, new jobs, competitions, and lots and lots of lipstick, I know that 2020 will be the most amazing year, and I cannot wait to cheer on your victories, read your mind playing Blockbuster, and just being family and the best of friends with you. Happy birthday, and I love you more than I could possibly express.

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