Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us – Michael Moss(2013)


 Michael Moss’ look at the processed food industry is incredible. That is not an overstatement in the least. Covering the psychology of food, the history of processed foods, the history of the companies that make them, why we eat them, their impact on our overall health, governmental regulation and permissiveness and the obesity epidemic are all covered. I have found myself wildly shocked and surprised in several instances. I had no idea that originally Sugar was added to cereal because it was meant to be a healthy additive. I had no idea they long since took any trace of cheese out of Cheez Whiz. I have no idea that Philip Morris owned Kraft and Nabisco foods. I had no idea that Coca-Cola refers to its customers as “users” who need a “fix”. Comparing how Sugar, salt and fat react in the brain and body, discussing “bliss points” and how they worked to make processed food cheaper, while effectively removing any trace of food, Moss pulls no punches and misses no beats. Moss’ 480 page tome reads as a narrative, rather than a book of facts and figures. He is fair in his assessments and takes people’s stories into account. He interviews not just whistleblowers, but also those who currently work in the industry, and doctors treating the epidemic. Salt Sugar Fat is absolutely a must read. #saltsugarfathowthefoodgiantshookedus #saltsugarfat #michaelmoss #2013 #facts #processedfoods #foodscience #additives #salt #sugar #fat #psychology #history #research #obesity #obesityepidemic #healthyfood #health #convenience #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #books #book #bookclubofinstagram #read #reading #kalidesautelsreads

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